Libraries and Scripts
ocore - official core networking and consensus library headless-obyte - official wallet and messaging library
obyte.js - Lightweight wallet library for working with Obyte from browser and node.js kbyte.js - Very lightweight networking-only JS library (predecessor of obyte.js) owallet.js - Very lightweight wallet library. It works everywhere where you can run JS (based on obyte.js) texto.js - Lightweight messaging library on Obyte
VS Code plugin for Oscript aa-testkit - Instant Obyte devnet network set up and testing parser-aa-vars - Script for parsing variables from AA aabot - Node.js library for interacting with Autonomous Agents and tracking their state aagent.js - Helper library for AA data and events
AA-channels-lib - a general purpose library for payment channels Pay-Per-Call API Library - pay-as-you-go payment library for API use
byteduino - A very light C/C++ implementation of Obyte for Arduino ESP8266 and ESP32
ocore-wallet-service - A Multisig HD Obyte Light Wallet API Service ocore-wallet - A Simple Command Line Interface Wallet for Obyte using OWS/OWC ocore-wallet-client - A Multisig HD Obyte Light Wallet Client
Obyte Assets Ledger - API for headless wallet, which can be used as internal exchange ledger with its own tokens.
byteball-rpc-client - JSON-RPC client on Python
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