Send Data to DAG

You can store arbitrary data (any sequence of bytes) in Obyte public DAG. Some special types of data also supported, like 'text', 'profile', 'poll', etc.

To send data to DAG database, code below is a minimal that you can use. In case when you want to send data or text from specific address, you will need to look into links to other code examples below.

var headlessWallet = require('headless-obyte');
var eventBus = require('ocore/event_bus.js');
var objectHash = require('ocore/object_hash.js');
eventBus.on('headless_wallet_ready', () => {
var json_data = {
foo: 'bar'
var objMessage = {
app: 'data',
payload_location: 'inline',
payload_hash: objectHash.getBase64Hash(json_data),
payload: json_data
var opts = {
messages: [objMessage]
​headlessWallet.sendMultiPayment(opts, function(err, unit){
if (err){
// something went wrong, maybe put this transaction on a retry queue
// handle successful payment

Besides data, there are other types of message apps too, like data_feed, attestation, profile , poll and text. Code examples for these are available in "/play" folder of headless-wallet.

If you wish to send data to DAG database periodically then full code examples for price oracle, bitcoin oracle or sports oracle can be found on Github.